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Currenza Validator

Ready to Light Up your Cash Box?
Improves Efficiency
Increases Profitability
Enhances Consumer Experience
Delivers High Reliability

Easy to use, reliable bill validator performance that attracts consumers, has high acceptance, fast throughput and provides simple diagnostics.

Improves Consumer Experience

  • Dramatic Blue bezel lighting for best end-user attraction
  • High first-time acceptance rate of 96% or higher in all 4 directions reduces consumer frustration
  • Fastest bill recognition in the industry of 1.7 seconds increases consumer confidence
  • Accepts a wide range of coupons to support loyalty and reward programs
  • Optional Cash and Card bezel provides the payment options consumers are demanding today


  • Beltless transport for less service calls
  • Patented sensor system designed for optimal acceptance and security
  • Additional Multi-sensor anti-stringing protection
  • Optional armored bezel for security against break-ins


  • Simple and cost effective upgrades with BlueChip SIM
  • Service mode setting for convenient trouble shooting
  • Fully accessible bill path for easy maintenance

Improves Profitability

  • Optional Cash and Card bezel option improves sales up to 15%
  • Fast transaction speed and high acceptance rates increase throughout


  • Superior acceptance and security: Acceptance rate rate of 96% or greater on first bill insertion
  • Advanced auto-calibrating optical, inductive and dielectric sensors optimize validation rates
  • Anti-stringing protection
  • Four-way bill insertion
  • Accepts up to $20
  • Complete transport cycle at only 1.7 seconds
  • Durable, metal chassis
  • Choice of bezels - Standard coin resistant, Metal, up/down, Cash and Card
  • Choice of cassettes - 300, 400, 600 capacity nominal
  • Locking Cash Vaults Ð 400, 600 capacity nominal
  • Fully accessible bill path
  • Coupon capable
  • Beltless transport
  • 10-second firmware updates using BlueChip SIM card

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